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Reiki Center for Body and Mind, Inc
Deborah Pecka
1301 Allegheny St
Suite 101
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Welcome to Reiki Center for Body and Mind, Inc. Our location is 1301 Allegheny Street, Suite 101, Hollidaysburg, PA, 16648

We are an Integrative Wellness Center that focuses on those services that are widely accepted within the medical and clinical environment. These services include Massage, Reiki, Essential Oils therapy, Reflexology, Ionic Foot Cleansing, FAR Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy and Health and Wellness Coach.

We also have a list of educational classes that achieve self empowerment for you and your family: Jikiden Reiki (Shoden and Okuden), Do-It-Yourself Workshops and Bach Flower Remedy Workshops.

We have and will continue to present the benefits of these modalities to our community. Through our interaction with local organizations and facilities, we will develop those services that are proven to assist individuals with their wellness and quality of life.

Our current survey has been updated and provides a look into the efficacy of Reiki within the medical and clinical environment. The graph is impressive with the results as follows:

Reiki Only
Comparison Data

PreSession PostSession
Pain 2.16 1.10
Discomfort 2.38 0.91
Stress 3.08 0.92
Anxiety 2.49 0.85
Fatigue 2.91 1.14

For Shoden and Okuden class information, please email deb@reikicenter4you.com or call 814-207-5294