Julie Lomas
Julie Lomas
Budayia, Kingdom of Bahrain
00973 39606712
I practice Jikiden Reiki in Bahrain, Kuwait, UK and Virginia Beach in the USA.
I organize Frank Arjava Petter in all these places.

My main practice is in Bahrain and Kuwait, where I teach and practice Reiki and other healing modalities, such as Crystal Therapy, Angelic Therapy, Meditation, Self help. I am also a Life Coach and writer.
I have been practicing Reiki since 1992
Reiju Kai, Bahrain and Kuwait November 2018 with Julie

Frank Arjava Petter and Julie

5th- 11th January 2019 Manchester Uk

Shoden, Okuden and Shihan Kaku.

15th- 19th January 2019 Kingdon Of Bahrain
Shoden and Okuden

May 2019
Virginia Beach USA

Japanese Reiki Techniques

5th - 6th May - for any lineage of Reiki, level 2 and above.

Jikiden Reiki - Shoden,Okuden,Shihan Kaku, Shihan

Venue Virginia Beach Holiday Inn

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Okuden

8th May – 12th May

8th – 10th Shoden
11th – 12th Okuden

2nd set of dates

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Okuden 14th -18th May

14th – 16th – Shoden
17th – 18th Okuden

Shihan Kaku

19th -20th May


21st May