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About Jikiden Reiki
One point, it was believed that Western style Reiki was the only surviving Reiki and that there were no longer any practitioners in Japan, so when Reiki was reintroduced to Japan, those people who were interested visited North America to learn it. In truth, there have always been Reiki successors here in Japan.
They are :
* Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the Reiki organization founded by Mikao Usui. This organization has, until now, been almost unknown to the World because of its decision to remain a closed group.
*The surviving students of Chujiro Hayashi (a prominent Student of Usui sensei) which include:

Hawayo Takata: a Japanese American from Hawaii, who is regarded as the person who brought Reiki to the West. Hawayo Takata was declared very ill by the doctor and she was told her life expectancy was not long. However she miraculously recovered when she began to receive Reiki after meeting Chujiro Hayashi in Japan.

When she recovered she became a student of Hayashi and operated her own Reiki healing clinic in Hawaii. She trained 22 Reiki Teachers before she passed away. Reiki spread thought-out the world began with her.

My mother Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki directly by Chujiro Hayashi about 60 years ago in 1938 when she was 17 years old. My mother Chiyoko and Hawayo Takata learned from the same prominent student of Usui sensei, Chujiro Hayashi. She practiced Reiki daily for 65 years until she passed away in 2003 at the age of 81.

Throughout my childhood, I learned from firsthand experience that colds, headaches, and wounds etc. were easily cured by my mother’s Reiki treatments. I was able to fully understand the effectiveness of Reiki from an early age through my own healing experiences. Having delved into my mother’s memories, old documents and photos, I discovered that it was Chujiro Hayashi who had initiated my mother into Reiki.

One day, while participating in healing workshop held in Tokyo, I met a Reiki teacher who told me a lot about today’s situation of Reiki in Western countries. I was surprised to know the number of the people who practice Reiki in the West and realized that energy healing was being accepted in this modern society.
It was through his introduction that well-known Japanese Reiki teachers first began to come and visit my mother. After this, a lot of Reiki teachers from overseas would come to visit her, as they wanted to meet a student who had been taught by Hayashi directly.
I was taught by a Western Reiki teacher in detail about the back ground and the current situation of traditional Reiki that was passed down in Japan. Those who visited my mother told us that her existence was very precious and it would be regrettable for her to stay hidden.
Since then, Chiyoko and I were asked by many people to teach Jikiden Reiki, the Reiki without Western influence.

In about a year after that, we received inquiries frequently and some people were very happy to receive Reiju from her.
On the other hand, some unwilling events continued to happen such as dishonest people advertised that they learned Jikiden Reiki without completing a course. In addition rumors based on misunderstandings started to spread.

Fortunately, some supportive Reiki Masters suggested to us “What about reproduce a seminar that faithfully followed the way that your mother had learned Reiki by Chujiro Hayashi more than 60 years ago and issuing a certificate to those who completed it?”

Until then, we had only taught Reiki privately. However we have now made it possible for anyone who is interested in learning Reiki.
A “Jikiden Reiki seminar” is the first traditional Reiki seminar that is available to the public in Japan, and worldwide.

Tadao Yamaguchi
Jikiden Reiki Institute representative